What is a British Working Holiday Visa?

“How do I get myself over to the UK to live and work?” is a pretty common question that comes in our IEP office, so we thought why not make this topic into a blog post in order to make things clearer! Spending a couple of years over in the UK can be the ideal place to base yourself on your Ultimate Working Holiday as not only is there plenty to see in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – but you’ve got Europe just on your doorstep for slightly further afield adventures! When it comes to the nitty gritty “Visa” sides of things, IEP can assist you in two separate options – the Youth Mobility Visa and the Ancestry Visa, read on for further info on both…


Youth Mobility Visa

By far the more common of the two UK Visas we assist with, the Youth Mobility Visa enables travellers from Australia and New Zealand to enter the UK in order to work and live for up to two years. You also have the flexibility of choosing where you want to live. Oh and you don’t even need to have a pre-arranged job (more on this later).


Youth Mobility Visa Eligibility

It’s simple – to be eligible for the amazing Youth Mobility Visa you need to hold a New Zealand or Australian passport and be between the ages of 18 and 30.
Oh and you do have to meet a couple of criteria requirements such as meeting the minimum proof of funds of £1,890 and have no serious criminal convictions, other than that you’re sweet as!

If you aren’t sure – contact us.


Ancestry Visa

Slightly less common, but still valuable is the Ancestry Visa which we also assist with here at IEP. Unlike the Youth Mobility Visa, the beauty of applying through Ancestry, is that you are afforded even more flexibility. By that we mean you are able to stay in the UK for up to 5 years! What’s the catch? Eligibility


Ancestry Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the Ancestry Visa, you will have to meet a particular set of requirements. Basically you have to be 17 or over and Provide proof (original birth certificates) that you have a grandparent born in the UK. You will also have to provide evidence that you have enough cash to support yourself in the UK until you have found employment. On that note, you will also have to show evidence that you have tried to seek employment in the UK. Don’t worry, if you meet these requirements you can reap the rewards of an extended period in the UK!


Applying for a British Visa

So, you want to take advantage of one of these visas – good on ya! First step is to apply for our visa assistance here. Just fill out the contact details and pay the application fee. Once that is complete we will contact you and double check your eligibility (if you’re not eligible you get a full refund). You tell us your plans and we explain the process – simple. You will then need to complete the official online Visa Application for your relevant Visa. After filling everything in and Paying the Visa fees you will then arrange to attend your Biometrics Appointment where your eye scan, finger prints and photos will be taken. After your appointment you will then submit all your Visa Documentation off for processing! 3-6 weeks later, you’ll receive back your approved Visa and off you go!


Where will I work & live?

The glory of this visa is that you choose where you live and work! If you wanted to work at PR firm in London, or as a bartender in Manchester… you can! That is what makes this visa/program so amazing, YOU choose your adventure. We can provide support and guidance for finding work and accommodation, but ultimately you get what you want from the experience. If you need some tips on how to look for a job in the UK just contact us.


Maybe you like the security of having a pre-arranged job before you leave home.. if so take a look at the Work Britain Pub Jobs Programme. You will travel on the same Youth Mobility Visa or Ancestry Visa but we will organise a job at a Traditional UK Pub or B&B for you before you even leave home. After your work placement ends and you feel it is time to move on, you have the freedom to use the remaining time on your Visa to continue your UK Travels or find additional work on your own.


Want more info on the British Working Holiday options?

If you want more information you can register your interest in our UK Visa Assistance offering – once we have your details we will reach out by email and phone to answer any questions you have. If you are ready to sign up – hit the button below and get started on making your dream working holiday in the UK a reality!