Benefits of going to Summer Camp


Summer Camp USA program is the ultimate working holiday, allowing you to skip the winter and work in America for 8-10 weeks. You will be in charge of running day to day activities at camp, being a role model and facilitating a fun environment for campers. We work with over 1,000 summer camps in the USA meaning there is somewhere that suits everyone! You will be working as a camp counsellor and everyday will be different! Working with the kids, organizing activities but ultimately – having the summer of your life!

Here are just a few of the benefits you will get by going on Summer Camp USA;


Meet New Friends 


On Summer Camp USA you are going to be working with people from all over the world. You will be sharing a bunk, eating dinner and working alongside new friends every day, quickly gaining lifelong friends in only a matter of days. Even though you will spend 10 weeks with your new friends, you will quickly have another family in America. As they say, the hardest part of camp is saying goodbye.


Experience a new and exciting culture 


If you’ve ever been to America you’ll know just how impressive this place really is. Whether you love the beautiful national parks or the hustle bustle city life, you can experience it all when on your adventure. American’s LOVE Aussies and they will want to know everything about you! Not only do you get to experience the American culture and lifestyle, you will be able to share things about your culture to everyone at camp! No doubt you will have to explain that we do have internet access and no we didn’t drive to America!


Travel America


As part of the visa you will have 30 days once camp is finished to travel around America! You may want to use these 30 days to travel with friends from camp, go on a Trek America and have everything organized for you or go solo; no matter what you choose, you will have an amazing time. America is a huge place and has so much to offer, whether you are wanting to travel to NYC, hike Yosemite National Park or watch the Red Sox win a game at Fenway Park – the time you spend exploring after camp is totally what you want to do!!


Earn Money


You get paid working at Summer Camp USA! That’s right, you will be earning money whilst having fun every day. Summer Camp USA offers a competitive salary which makes it that much easier to travel once camp has finished. You are going to be working hard, so we believe that you should be well compensated for all your time and effort. While you’re at camp, you will have very little costs – so saving the money to use it at the end to travel is pretty easy. Camp isn’t about getting rich, it’s about the life-changing experience that you will have!


Have the adventure of a lifetime


Every day you will get to do something that you love. Summer Camp USA is about having fun whilst working. From wakeboarding, riding horses, eating s’mores around the camp fire; hanging out with new friends – everyday will be filled with different activities, challenges and lots of laughter. No matter what camp you work at the amount of fun, support and camaraderie that you will experience is unlike anywhere else in the world.


Gain valuable work experience


Not only are you going to be having fun all day, working as a camp counsellor will help boost your CV.  When you move on to your next job, employers love to see international work experience. Some of the skills you will gain from working at Summer Camp USA include leadership, communication, respect, tolerance, initiative, flexibility, organization, work ethic… the list goes on. Instead of getting a boring job that doesn’t excite you, differentiate yourself and work at camp, it will definitely help you with employment in the long run.


Grow as a person


This may be the first time you are away from home by yourself, there is no one to tell you how many slices of pizza you can eat, or when you should brush your teeth! During your time at camp you will have countless opportunities to encourage, support and inspire those around you. You will develop your leadership skills! For a lot of campers, you will be their role model and many will want to follow in your footsteps and become a camp counsellor one day. You will also have the responsibility of creating a fun environment for your campers, organizing their activities and making sure they are safe, creating their adjustment to camp life as easy as possible.

Spending a summer working at Summer Camp USA can change your life, it may be that you come home more confident, or with an outgoing attitude but we guarantee you will return having a positive and memorable experience and new lifelong friends!


Why Choose Summer Camp USA


We are here with you’re the entire time that you are away! If you have any questions about anything we are here to help; think of us as your older brother! You will receive 24/7 support, a guaranteed job, full visa assistance and an adventure of a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?! Apply today to ensure you have the best summer of your life at Summer Camp USA!




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