Changes to the J1 Visa Eligibility


We’ve got some big news about changes to the eligibility to the J1 visa that we offer on our USA programs. Now, even more people are eligible for the J1 visa – yussss! It used to be that you had to study on campus and at a Australia institution… but that has now changed!

The new requirements now allow any Australia passport holders who have studied on campus or online (yup, both now qualify) and who’ve been enrolled at tertiary level institute in AU or abroad (both now qualify) to be eligible for the J1 visa that allows you to live and work in the USA for up to 12 months! Wahoo… ‘Murica!


Here are the full eligibility requirements for the J1 visa:


  • Be 18 yrs of older
  • Hold a AU or NZ passport
  • Currently enrolled in full-time study at a recognised tertiary level institute (on campus or online!)
  • If you are applying as a current full-time student you must have recently completed 12 months of full-time studies prior to departure.
  • Recent graduate 12 months eligibility commences from the actual end of full-time classes or study defined as the date of your last exam or last assignment submission.


The following is NOT eligible:


  • Part-time courses
  • Certificates
  • Short courses

These are the broad definitions of the eligibility requirements, and each case does need to be assessed on its own merit. If you have any questions or require further clarification please contact us on 1300 797 702 or contact us here.


Book now – Pay later!


We’ve recently launched a deposit option for our Work USA program allowing you to start the J1 visa application before having to pay the full program fee! You can now spread your application fee over 8 weeks (multiple pay cheques – yusss!) making it easier to budget for your American working holiday. Not only do you get to start your application earlier, but you gain access to our expert resources allowing you to meet people on the program and prepare for your trip. Check out our ‘What’s Included‘ page for full program inclusions.

Now you can start your Work USA program for just $595! The application process is an easy step-by-step process that we will guide you through. If you follow these 9 easy steps we can have working and living in the US in no time.