What is a Japan Working Holiday Visa?

‘’How easy is it to get over to Japan to Live and Work?” is a common question we get asked here at the IEP office, so we thought we would try and shed some light on this subject. Taking a Gap Year to Japan is on a lot of people’s bucket lists as it’s vast cultural difference, amazing snow, oh and don’t get us started on the food and shopping are huge drawing cards to a country that lends itself to be that “something different”” destination. Fortunately getting your hands on the Japan Working Holiday Visa serves as the perfect avenue to kick off your Japan adventure and with that in mind, the following is a break down of the Visa and Eligibility.


Japan Working Holiday Visa

The ins and outs of the Working Holiday Visa for Japan can differ depending on whether you’re a Kiwi or Australian. By that we mean that in Australia, you are initially granted a 6 month period of stay, which can then be extended once you enter Japan at your local immigration office. Kiwis on the other hand are granted the full 12 months, straight off the bat!


Japan Working Holiday Visa Eligibility

To be eligible for this amazing Japan Working Holiday visa you need to hold a New Zealand or Australian passport (and be living in the country of issue of your passport) i.e. if your applying with a NZ passport, you have to be living in New Zealand.

You will also have to be able to head into your local Japanese Consulate/Embassy to submit your paper application and supporting documents.

Furthermore you will also have to meet the following criteria:

– Be aged between 18 to 30 years (inclusive) at time of application
– Have no dependent children
– Be in good health
– Have no criminal record
– Have not previously obtained a Work Holiday Visa for Japan (on a passport of any country)
– Provide proof of sufficient funds to support initial stay in Japan.
– Register for the National Insurance Scheme upon arrival

If you aren’t sure – contact us.


Applying for a Japan Working Holiday Visa

So, you want to take advantage of this visa – good on ya! First step is to apply for our visa assistance offering here. Just fill out the contact details and pay the application fee. Once that is complete we will contact you and double check your eligibility (if you’re not eligible you get a full refund). You tell us your plans and we explain the process – simple. You will then need to complete the required application documentation which will be sent to you by us here at IEP. Once this documentation is returned to us for checking, we can then give you the go ahead to head into your local Japanese Embassy/Consulate to formally submit your application. Processing takes between 8-10 Working days and once a decision has been made, you will then be notified to go any pick-up your passport with a fresh Visa Approval entry clearance inside!


Where will I work & live?

Because of the cultural differences between Japan and NZ/Australia, we can understand that it can be daunting thinking of starting life in a foreign country, especially if you’re going at it solo. Fear not though, if you sign up to our Work and Travel Japan Programme, we can offer you additional in-country support and guidance through our partners in Tokyo. They can assist in finding work and accommodation as well as help you sort out some of your arrival duties such as your Residence Registration. Maybe you would even like the security of having a pre-arranged job and place to stay before you leave home.. if so take a look at the Work Japan Winter Jobs, programme we offer here at IEP! You will travel on the same Working Holiday visa but we will organise a job at a ski resort or winter employer for you before you even leave home. After the winter season you can stay in the same area or head somewhere else – it’s your adventure.


Want more Japan Working Holiday Visa Info?

If you want more information you can register your interest in one our Japan visa assistance program – once we have your details we will reach out by email and phone to answer any questions you have. If you are ready to sign up – hit the button below and get started on making your dream year in Japan a reality!