When you head to camp you will be surprised at the kind of leader you turn into. Overseeing children, will you be the strict counselor? Or will you be the fun one? Or will you be somewhere in between?

Here is a list of eight types of counselors we can guarantee you’ll have at camp.

  1. The over-enthusiastic counselor. This counselor always has an abundance of energy (somehow) and smiles 24/7. Even when they have a sassy kid in their bunk they manage to remain positive. All. The. Time.
  2. The counsellor who is only called by their last name. And no one knows why or what their first name even is. It’s just a thing that happens and can never be changed.
  3. The dramatic counselor. This counselor finds everyday life a problem. Whether it’s a kid’s lost sock or it’s a hot day. Everyone will know the peril of the situation.
  4. The always hungry counselor. This counselor is always asking the time so they know how long until lunch. They are friends with the kitchen staff and somehow know what’s for dinner even though no one else does.
  5. The moaning counselor. If it was a warm night last night this counselor will make sure you know. Or if they got an itchy bite two days ago and it’s still there. There’s always something that’s annoying them. (You might get or two kids like this too!)
  6. The “let me just take a picture” counselor. This counselor can’t begin anything before taking a quick snap. Whether that’s of the kids, the scenery or a selfie. There’s never a bad time to get a cheeky gram.
  7. The super chill counsellor. Sure, no drama, no worries, all good and sweet as are the only words they learnt at primary. Even when there’s drama, in their eyes, there’s no drama, it’s all good. (Stay close to these ones when you are feeling dramatic for a reality check).
  8. The shy counselor. This counselor will surprise you. These types will be shy to the other counselors but super comfortable with the children. Maybe they’re still a kid at heart and aren’t ready to have grown up yarns yet?

Which type of counselor do you think you’ll be? Maybe you’ll meet some counselors who aren’t on the list, let us know!