We’ve sent thousands of Aussies overseas to work at summer camps in America and we want you on our team! Many choose to travel with Summer Camp USA because of our low program fees (save up to $200 with us), high salaries (make more money with us – simple) and most of all our amazing customer service!  Summer Camp USA is quickly becoming the number one choice for Australians wanting to work as a camp counselor in America!

We place Aussies in all types of camp counselor roles like; water sports, outdoor activities, land sports, horse riding, life guarding, arts & crafts, performance and much more! You can check out all of the different kinds of camp jobs available here. Our placement team is the best in the industry and they aim to find you the perfect camp job.

At Summer Camp USA we love everything about camp! Our focus is you; we aim to get you placed at the right camp, not just a camp. Our personal service is what separates us from all the other summer camp companies. The camp team are all past camp counselors & know exactly what the camps are looking for.

20 Amazing reasons to chose Summer Camp USA! 

  1. We offer the lowest fees on the market. Do your research and you will save heaps of money with us!
  2. Over 20 years experience placing Aussies at camps in America
  3. We pay the HIGHEST camp salary in Australia! Our Summer Camps pay more than our competitors – meaning you get more money to spend on your days off!
  4. 24/7 support in Australia and USA
  5. We have access to 1000’s Summer Camps in the USA, this means you won’t be disappointed with your placement!
  6. It’s only $99 to start an application!
  7. We are real people and we like to get personal: Unlike some of our competitors – our Summer Campers are not just numbers to us, we spend quality time to get to know each and every one of you so we can match you up with a camp that best suits your personality, skills and interests to make sure you have the BEST SUMMER EVER!
  8. You DON’T have to make a video to apply – phew!
  9. We are experts- our staff have done the camps and are pro’s at giving you advice on what to and what not to do when you arrive and they can give you the best first hand advice! We have even written a very handy guide to US Summer Camps that you will be given when you apply.
  10. Everything at camp is FREE- living, food, washing etc, so you can save your pocket money for after camp & your days off!
  11. A FREE phone card so you can call home when you arrive in the USA
  12. Easy online application system
  13. Local interviewers all round Australia
  14. A great Facebook page and private group where you can meet your fellow camp counsellors
  15. Medical Insurance is included in our program fee – no extra costs
  16. Discounted airfares with our partners at STA Travel
  17. We work with the largest US Visa Sponsor in America
  18. On the VISA we organise you can travel for 30 days after camp around the States
  19. Our participants love us and they keep coming back year after year for another camp- we must be doing something right!
  20. Discounts on Contiki & Trek America tours through STA Travel

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