We take care of the tough stuff while you get to have all the fun!

Brits love Australian staff and our pubs want to hire you! Not only do you get a pre-arranged job but we also provide information on all of the tricky stuff like visa, tax numbers & bank accounts. We will book your initial accommodation when you arrive to London and provide you with an appointment to get your bank account up and running quickly.

Check out the full inclusions below.

Before you leave we provide:

  • A full time hospitality job opportunity – most jobs are offered before your agreed start date
  • Pubs and hotels located throughout England (Including London) Scotland and Wales
  • Affordable live-in accommodation provided by your employer average £35-£40 per week
  • Guaranteed full time work average 40 hours per week with two days off each week
  • Guaranteed two friends and couples always placed together
  • No travel costs as you live in or close to pub
  • Free or discounted food provided
  • No bonds or rent in advance required
  • Guaranteed British Youth Mobility or Ancestry Visas if needed
  • Pre departure guide full of invaluable advice
  • General advice including budgeting
  • Personal support from an IEP staff member
  • Great flight deals through STA Travel
  • Option to purchase comprehensive travel insurance
  • A UK mobile SIM card with £5.00 credit, operates through the 02 network and includes internet access
  • A USB stick with 4 GB of capacity with the British Rail and London Tube maps loaded on. The USB stick is the size of a standard credit card, so can be kept in your wallet.
  • Online Facebook forum to chat to other participants

When you arrive you receive:

  • Two nights accommodation including breakfast
  • A UK bank account (with HSBC) sorted for you with an appointment made for the day of your arrival.
  • An ATM issued within 3-5 days after the bank account is active,
  • Multiple free money transfers and the funds are guaranteed to be transferred at a better rate than offered by any Australian bank
  • The Walkabout Pubs (over 40 in the UK) will provide two free hamburger meals with the purchase of a basic drink (juice, beer etc) provided before you leave home
  • Assistance arranging a National Insurance number

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